The Oaks Treatment Center

The Oaks Treatment Center

Memphis, Tennessee, is home to The Oaks at La Paloma, one of the country’s most well respected drug rehab and alcohol rehab treatment centers. The Oaks offers individuals and their families a chance to break free from the chains of addiction, and take all the right steps to ensure a positive future.

The Oaks Treatment Center is also home to a complete Dual Diagnosis program for those suffering, concurrently from addiction issues and mental illness. Individuals who receive a dual diagnosis require special care – standard rehab facilities may not be equipped to handle the psychological problems exhibited by the patient. The Oaks, on the other hand, has built a successful, well-regarded program designed specifically for those with a Dual Diagnosis.

The Oaks Treatment Center services include:

The Oaks uses the Foundations treatment model, which provides a more engaging, less confrontational style of treatment than other program. The Foundations Treatment Model utilizes motivational interview methods to better engage the individual in their own recovery and its root causes. This Model has been proven to be highly successful by several long term studies comparing a variety of rehab programs.

Away from the pressures and temptations of the world in Tennessee, the campus at The Oaks is comprised of 10-acres of lush, serene surroundings – a setting which lends itself perfectly to recovery and relaxation.

The caring staff at this Tennessee drug rehab works hard to make sure all the residents’ needs are met – and that their recovery is an experience with real meaning – one that not only ends the cycle of drug or alcohol addiction, but makes them into better people, spiritually and physically.

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