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Located in the magnificent ocean-side city of Malibu, California, The Canyon offers residential rehabilitation programs for those individuals seeking treatment for drug and alcohol addiction.

The Canyon places a special emphasis on Dual Diagnosis patients and their special needs. Because of those concurrent, often overlapping problems faced by these dual diagnosis individuals, a facility must be specially equipped to handle the situation. The Canyon is that facility. The Canyon staff is made up of psychiatric specialists as well as professionals with years of drug rehab experience. It’s a powerful combination that treats all sides of the Dual Diagnosis patient.

The Canyon offers complete treatment programs for:

The Canyon is truly elite care in every sense of the word. Programs at The Canyon are unique and feature rich experience-based treatment such as Equine Therapy, Sweat Lodge Ceremonies and more. The living at The Canyon has been designed to enrich the body and the mind. Menus features healthy, organic ingredients, and the rooms and plush and built for relaxation and rejuvenation.

The Canyon is a drug treatment program like no other. The facility’s philosophy is based in the idea that by renewing the spirit, you will reduce cravings and the negative elements that have that invaded the individual because of drug or alcohol addiction.

The programs at the Canyon utilize the Foundations Method for treatment. Consider by industry experts to be one of the most successful and innovative methodologies available today, the Foundation Method engages the individual rather than confronts them about their addiction. This plays a crucial role in the treatment of Dual Diagnosis patients who are in the grasp of mental illness as well as addiction. It allows them to address the most serious root causes of their problem, and so at their own pace, in a setting that is comfortable and open

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